Akhuwat USA Believes in
Alleviating Poverty through

Interest-Free Micro Lending with Compassion

Lend a Helping Hand & Empower Communities

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Schools Educating Over 47,000+ Students

Our Goal is to Help Underprivileged Communities
Akhuwat USA Featured Causes

You can make a huge difference
by donating just a little

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Interest-Free Microfinance

Akhuwat believes in charity backed by compassion, a sense of responsibility toward the underprivileged. We are helping a family every 4 minutes. The average loan size is $300, which can convert a borrower into a donor.

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Education Loans

We acknowledge that eradicating poverty requires addressing illiteracy among the underprivileged. Education is key to unlocking innovation, empathy, and endless opportunities. Akhuwat is committed to offering free, quality education.

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Mushahida School

Akhuwat has taken the initiative of raising 2.5 Million USD to complete The Mushahida School of Hospitality and Tourism to provide world-class, hospitality education to the most deserving students and to meet the tourism industry’s growing demands. 

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Clothes Bank
Clothes Distribution Drive

Akhuwat’s Clothes Bank provides a dignified space for the needy to receive clothes with honor and care. Donors contribute pre-loved clothes, which are then repaired, washed, or dry-cleaned before being distributed to the needy community.

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IT College
IT & Vocational Education

By providing accessible and quality education, ACITVE opens doors to new opportunities and empowers learners to build fulfilling careers. The center catalyzes economic growth & transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for all.

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Health Services

AHS is dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality healthcare to underserved communities. Through subsidized medicines, lab tests, and free consultations, AHS ensures that families in need can access essential healthcare services.

Intersex Support
Equality For Khwajasiras

Akhuwat aims to facilitate the successful integration of Khwajasiras within the
social fabric of society while maintaining their distinct identity.  We do not wish to reform or recreate their culture or traditions.

We work to uplift this marginalized community by initiating and implementing sustainable efforts and programs that will guarantee self-reliance and income generation while also alleviating social exclusion. Ever since its inception, AKSP has become a symbol of strenuous efforts, unparalleled activism for over 2000+ registered Khwajasiras. 

Housing Scheme
Low Cost Housing Loans
  • Financing size up to $2000
  • The repayment period is from 13 to 60 months.
  • The average monthly rental amount is up to $100

Financing will be given for the following purposes:

  • Entire New Construction 
  • Additional rooms, kitchen & bathroom.
  • Renovation & degradation.
  • The application processing fee will be zero.
About Akhuwat USA

Non-Profit Organization

Akhuwat aims to empower its borrowers to become donors, thus contributing to the vision of a poverty-free society. This concept is termed as the “reciprocity of economy.”

Our Mission & Goals

Transforming Lives, Serving Humanity's Hope.

Akhuwat believes in charity backed by compassion, sense of responsibility toward the underprivileged, and a bond of brotherhood between the have’s and have-not’s. Because of this ideology, we started with giving out interest- and collateral-free loans.


Our goal is to promote the spiritual and intellectual development of Economically disadvantaged community


We are helping a family every 4 minutes. Together we can forge a better future for this world, free of poverty.


Akhuwat Believes in Alleviating Poverty Through compassion and Interest-Free Micro-Lending

Meet Our Team

Board Members

The Founder
Dr. Amjad Saqib
Global President
Mr. Azhar Hameed
Dr. Nomaan Mufti
Mr. Asim Ashary
Mr. Yuman Pirzada
Volunteer, Maryland
Mr. Shahid Jamil
Ambassador, New York & Florida
Mr. Mian Mushtaq Javed
Volunteer, New York
Mr. Rehan Masood
Join Our Mission

Help deserving students in breaking the chains of poverty and securing a bright future

Akhuwat’s vision of a poverty-free society hinges on addressing its root cause: illiteracy among the impoverished. Recognizing education’s vital role in fostering innovation, empathy, and limitless opportunities, Akhuwat has committed to providing free, high-quality education across primary, secondary, and higher levels.


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